All pricing terms are 100% upfront. 

Web Experience Audit


Review of Multiple Properties

Review experience at each step of user engagement throughout properties. 

Documented Plan for resolving the largest issues on each platform or property to create consistent quality throughout the entire online brand experience.

Best if

You’re looking for a durable plan to ready an online brand for scaling the next ten years. 

You’re looking for a durable plan to get an outdated or disorganized online brand to a healthy place. 

Site Diagnostic


Review of Single Web Property. 

Documented Plan on resolving current site issues and blockers. 

Best if

You’re looking to resolve issues blocking a web property from facilitating community or brand growth.

Consulting Call


60-minute call over Zoom. 

You’ll get specific advice on an organizational blocker, such as Platform Lock-in, Audience migration, CRM Data Migration, Streaming, and Video Content issues, Multisite Issues.

If at the end of the call you feel you haven’t at least gotten more value than what you paid for, let me know, and I’ll fully refund your payment. 

Best if

You need to fix a current growth issue with web platforms and properties. 

You need to prepare their team and system for future technical scale. 

You need to get unstuck from your existing technology and providers. 

Custom Project

Feel free to reach out if you’re thinking of something else

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